Yag laser is easy to remove tattoos

Permanent tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years, especially among teenagers looking for group membership. Examples of top athletes and entertainment stars contribute to the craze of body aesthetics. It is estimated that 24% of the population is tattooed in the United States. Simple tattoos (usually at the edge) that are made from black inks that are subject to the subject or their immediate environment have given way to artistic tattoos, sometimes made by professional artists in large-scale commercial activities.

Some studies have shown that the truly amazing chemical diversity that exists in these new tattoos makes them increasingly difficult to eliminate. In order to meet the needs of patients who want to repair the error, the dermatologist has gone from resection to mechanical skin grinding, to carbon dioxide laser microdermabrasion, and finally to Q-switch laser erasing for fifteen years. Different Q switched Nd YAG laser of different wavelengths are active. Their choice depends on the amount of pigment absorbed. For colours similar to the origin of the ink, this is actually very variable, it is the metabolic rate.

q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine al031d - Yag laser is easy to remove tattoos

The ink containing titanium just proved to be particularly difficult to destroy. Some general rules are still relevant: Nd: YAG 1064 nm can be used to remove blue, brown and black pigments, Nd: YAG 532 nm for red pigments, Ruby 694 nm for magenta, purple, green, blue and black And Alexandrite 755 nm blue, eco-friendly and black. These publications report results that are more difficult to obtain using coloured tattoos, especially environmentally friendly or turquoise, with a certain light colour. In this case, the amount of laser tattoo session required to obtain a complete result is high, usually more than 10 times.

In order to reduce the number of laser tattoo removal and improve the quality of the final results, especially in difficult circumstances, two new projects were launched this year. The skin doctor repeats the laser tattoo session two to three times for 20 minutes. Improvements in these continuous meetings are more important than traditional meetings. What is the time limit for the meeting? Hours to hours. The discomfort is greater (the anaesthetic cream works well only the first time it passes) and local anaesthesia may be required. The price will always increase, and if it is frequent, the price increase is still not guaranteed.