With the summer coming, short sleeves and mini-skirt start to cover on the road everywhere. Many ladies willing to take full advantage of this time to show their graceful figure and beauty. But just as the old saying:”The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks”, to enjoy the summer they need to do the hair removal first.
Many ladies want to find a way for the hair removal permanent one time. So many SPA want to find a hair removal machine with one-time treatment to solve the problem. What a pity, it is not scientifically. Now we will explain the reason.
Currently the most widely used, the effect is the most obvious hair removal method of diode laser hair removal, its main principle is through the laser beam, penetrate the skin surface, direct effects on the hair follicle, effectively break down the follicle, making hair can’t grow, achieve the result of thorough depilation, and won’t letters patent into damage on the surrounding normal tissues.

Hair is divided into three periods.

laser hair removal three periods - Why Laser Hair Removal Cannot one-time treatment

The growth of hair has a growth period, a deterioration period and a period of rest. The mother cells of the growing hair are divided rapidly, and the melanin is the most, so the laser is sensitive to the laser. Therefore, the laser hair removal is mainly completed in this period, and the most effective.

During the retrograde period, the capillary degeneration and the papilla atrophy; The hair follicles are separated from the papilla and the hair falls off. The laser is not sensitive to the regressive period and the rest period, and it does not damage the hair follicles.

1, the regression stage, resting stage by the 808nm diode laser hair removal has no obvious effect, only after the hair into the growing laser can work, so need laser hair removal treatment for many times, can effect.
2. If the proportion of hair in a certain area is small, the number of treatments should be increased. On the contrary, the number of treatments can be reduced.
3. There are different growth cycles based on the hair in different parts, and there are differences in each treatment interval. If the head hair has a relatively short rest period, the interval can be as short as 1 month; The rest of the body and limbs is relatively long, so the treatment interval is about 2 months.
4. The depth of the hair follicle varies from site to site. If the depth is deeper, it should be treated with longer wavelength laser, whereas shorter wavelength laser treatment can be used if the depth is relatively shallow.
5. If the hair follicle density is too high in a certain area, the laser energy should be reduced appropriately in treatment.