The 808nm diode laser is most recommended for your choice. It is widely used for whole body hair removal within 3~5 courses treatment.

808nm diode laser hair removal

How to make it?

The diode laser can penetrate the depth of target tissue hair dermal effectively. It heats the hair follicle to 75℃ and maintains a period of time through the slip of the treatment handle, the hair follicle and grow stem cells lose the growth activity, thus achieves the goal of hair removal.


808nm diode laser hair removal

Compare with traditional hair removal technology

IPL shr light, 808nm diode laser has its unique advantage.

Safer : no damage and side-effect to the skin, no hair follicle inflammation, no damage to the pore and effect on the perspiration.

Faster : short treatment time, the treatment time is less than 20 minutes, it does not affect the participation of beauty.

SK EILY 808nm diode laser machine advantages as following:

Comfortable laser hair removal treatment, CE approved completely safe and painless;
Jenoptikimported laser bars ensures strong energy output, more effective performance for hair removal treatment.
Together with water, air, semiconductor and TEC cooling system in one makes a 12 hours continuous working of the machine;
Up to 10HZ repetition rate with 12*20/ 15*26mm big spot size allows a fast in motion treatment to save treatment time and cost.


Options available:

808nm diode laser hair removal machine

808nm diode laser hair removal machine
808nm diode laser hair removal machine

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