808nm diode laser hair removal is very common in the field of laser therapy. This process is actually as follows: Eliminate melanin or pigment in the hair follicle to provide color to the hair. But you need to know that 808nm diode laser hair removal is not suitable for people with golden or white hair. 808nm diode laser hair removal treatment attacks your hair follicles due to heat, which causes the hair to become thinner and greatly slows the regeneration of new hair.

We have obtained 808nm diode laser hair removal technology that uses a specific light sunlight to absorb better through the skin pigment than the laser. Another advantage of a hair removal laser is that it reduces skin damage compared to lasers, allowing you to treat more sensitive areas of the skin, such as the lips or chest. Compared with dark skin lasers, 808nm diode laser hair removal technology is less harmful, but sunburn should be avoided when performing 808nm diode laser hair removal.

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Initially, 808nm diode laser hair removal techniques were created to address other signs and symptoms, such as skin problems caused by the sun’s rays. In the entire treatment of these various health problems, it has been observed that 808nm diode hair removal and slowing down reduce hair regrowth. Studies have shown that usually after 6 treatments, small blood vessels visible beneath the skin fade, and the skin regains its vitality towards permanent laser hair removal.

This laser hair removal strategy is implemented at the institute or in your own home and is done on its own using a new laser hair removal device. Between each session, observe 2 days at the beginning and 4 days when the regeneration period became slow. The number of sessions varies depending on the type of hair and skin, but usually, you practice six to eight times.