1. Vaginal regeneration laser (Gynae) system
Using an articulated arm probe with automatic 360° rotation technology, produces 50-70 degrees at the depth of control in the vaginal mucosa – stimulates collagen contraction, reconstruction and regeneration; promotes collagen fiber proliferation, remodeling; improves vaginal mucosal microcirculation; Increase cell secretion and dynamic response; correct PH value in the vagina; improve the internal environment; make women’s private parts lasting and firm, nourish and restore a harmonious sex life.

2. Application
1. Remove all kinds of wrinkles (eyebrow veins, eyebrow veins, jugular veins, pregnancy veins, etc.)

2. Strengthen, tighten skin, promote facial and skin rejuvenation

3.Age spots and blemishes, acne and spot treatment: acne, acne, allergic acne, nipple acne, improved appearance of liquid skin and acne pits.

4. Repair skin damaged by sun, face, shoulders, and hands

5. Itchy skin, such as sputum.

6. Remove stretch marks, remove orange peel, and remove scars.

3. Fractional CO2 laser Features:
1. RF drive tube, no need to replace.

It emits a very fine and well-aligned laser that penetrates directly into the dermis.

3. The best treatment effect can completely replace the surgery. Without a wound, quickly recover from recovery.

4. The wide range of applications and effective treatment.

5. 8-inch real LCD color touchscreen, the most user-friendly software control

6. 7 joint mild catheters, accurate treatment

7. No pain, no incisions, no side effects!

4. Before and after:

vaginal tightening laser show 4