Therapy Steps of Carbon skin rejuvenation
Carbon skin rejuvenation is a popular Noninvasive beauty technique, there are two design machines can use for carbon skin rejuvenation: ND YAG Laser machine and Active Q switch laser machine.

Q Switch YAG Laser

ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

1.clean the face and daub the carbon gel.

2. For ND YAG Laser machine: Use the carbon working head, adjust the energy and frequency
For Q switch laser machine: Choose 755 wave length, use big spot size and high energy, for example, 10mm spot size and 0.8J energy, Frequency according to your proficiency.

3. Let’s begin the treatment after the carbon gel dry.

4. Use bigger energy to treat the face again after the carbon gel all cleaning.

5. Wash face and apply the hydrating mask.

6. Turn off the instrument and clean the lens.

7. Carbon skin rejuvenation’s time interval is about 15 days.