Laser tattooing is described by the trivialization of the inking action. We remove tattoos for professional reasons, tattoo mistakes, unsightly developments of some tattoos. We do not miss any anecdotes justifying the Laser Tattoo Removal Machine.

A tattoo is a design on the skin, a consequence of injecting inks or pigments that the body can not digest. He stays permanently in the skin. Tattoos have been around for over 5,000 years and the desire to see them has certainly disappeared since that time.

Regardless of their beauty, tattoos are witness to a fashion phenomenon, the manifestation of a desire for originality or the reflection of a form of marginality. However, their ultimate nature can lead to a sense of fatigue or discomfort for social life, especially when they sit on exposed parts, especially the hands and forearms. The Q-switched pigment laser works with very short pulses, which cause a microscopic fragmentation of these pigments while protecting the skin. The particles are gradually eliminated from the body cells.

q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine al031d - The solution to remove your tattoo with the laser

The treatment with the Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine includes a series of pulses that are supported by a tingling sensation and a slight burning sensation. We are able to compare the feel of the laser facial with the feel of the rubber band. The anesthetic cream is applied 2 hours before the laser session. Immediately after the removal of laser tattoos, the treated area becomes white, edema, and possible minor surface bleeding. The use of a healing cream is recommended on the days after a laser session. In some cases, a tullegrass occlusive dressing may take several days to speed healing.

Complete screen protection is essential for the removal of laser tattoos for 4 weeks after treatment. It is extremely difficult to determine the number of laser sessions required to remove tattoos as this will depend on the type of ink used and the manner in which the tattooing was done. Depending on the density of the pigment, its depth and the colors used, it usually takes 3 to 15 sessions to remove the laser tattoo. The sessions last at least one and a half months, so that the skin can remove fragmented pigments.