Conventional laser hair removal machine are extremely sophisticated, usually carefully calibrated and use individual pulses and are therefore relatively effective. They are aimed exclusively at melanin, your hair pigment that absorbs the human heartbeat and destroys the disc by briefly heating to 70 ° C. However, these treatments can have undesirable negative effects. As the skin also contains melanin, it absorbs energy. If the treatment parameters are not carefully enough matched to your skin and the hair color of a person, this can lead to unsightly burns and scars. In general, extensive processing experience is required to define the right parameters for each application.

IPL SHR hair removal devices are only peripherally targeted for melanin. These primary targets are stem cells that leave new hair. The SHR operates with a low fluence, but high optical power and multiple pulses with a fast repetition rate of 10 Hz. This latest technology allows for curving movements where people use the electronics module to glide through the treatment area. In addition, the treatment area is heated because the contact cooling by the azure blue protects the skin.

opt ipl machine - The revolution in permanent hair removal

The light pressure exerted by the treatment instrument provides the necessary compression to prevent the influx of blood and tissue fluids that should not be heated in the treatment area. This and the new “In Motion” slip technology represent advanced definitive hair-based hair removal. The pulse-for-pulse method used by IPL and obsolete laser devices and the undesirable side effects associated with this method (chessboard, time ) come to fruition), which are useless. A precise placement of the treatment instrument as in the single pulse treatment is not required.

Melanin and stem cell protein are the target chromophores. So even dark skin types, low pigment hair (blond, red, gray) and fine hair can be successfully treated! In addition, treatment is possible not only in the growth phase (anagen) as in conventional systems, but also in the resting phase (telogen), when the stem cells prepare for regeneration. In the field of nutrition, it is known that proteins lose their life-giving properties when heated above 43 ° C.

The OPT SHR hair removal machine technology allows uniform heating from a treatment distance of 45 ° C, as the surrounding tissue acts as a reservoir for your own tissue. The temperature of the hair-papilla and its stem cells is thus preserved by the surrounding tissue. After six to eight cycles around the treatment area, vertically and horizontally, perifollicular edema sets in, indicating effective treatment. The stem cells are accidentally extinguished. The option of the targeted chromophore allows the final result of the hair growth phase to become less important and focus on the subsequent treatment cycle. Stem cells will also be included in the telogen phase. For more information on Ipl SHR hair removal devices, visit