Slings, skirts, and bikinis in this season,

In addition to weight loss fitness show in vitro,

Exquisite girls must remember this summer’s hair removal compulsory course!

Are you still using these about hair removal?

1. Use your boyfriend’s razor to remove hair!

Leg hair becomes more and more difficult, scratching the skin is easy to get infected, redness and pain!

2. The girlfriend said that hair removal cream is cheap and easy to use?

The hair removal cream is very strong and does not discuss the skin.

Allergic skin immediately appears erythema!

3. Waxing and depilation will make the pores thicker

There are a lot of fake bees. Are you sure that you are buying genuine products?

And it also causes the pores to become bigger and looser…

God, why is such a wonderful life wasted in the struggle with the exuberant body hair!

Who is the end of body hair? ??

Three wavelengths 755nm 808nm 1064nm diode laser for cooling hair removal!!!

Relax and expose to fair skin.

Through the 808nm wavelength laser can pass through the skin surface,

Hair follicles reaching the roots of the hair.

The laser can target melanin,

After melanin absorbs the energy of the laser,

The temperature rises sharply and causes damage to the surrounding hair follicle tissue.

Loss of hair loss, loss of regenerative capacity, and permanent hair removal.

Six major advantages of multispectral 808nm laser hair removal.

808nm diode laser hair removal machine

1. German imported laser rod from DILAS company

German DILAS lasers have high stability and long service life. The effective light output can reach 30 million times, and the hair removal is more thorough. Use sapphire crystal for better cooling.

2. Multispectral configuration

Multi-spectral 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal has three wavelengths of 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm, which can be completely absorbed by hair follicle tissue and can effectively pass through the skin to the position where the hair follicle is located.

3. Sapphire contact refrigeration

Sapphire contact refrigeration, the sapphire window is pressed on the skin during treatment, and the local epidermis is cooled to 0-4 degrees, which effectively protects normal skin from heat damage and avoids redness and burns. There is no discomfort throughout the cooling process, which makes hair removal safer and more comfortable. It can work continuously for more than 24 hours without pain.

4. Large spots quickly depilate

The 12*20mm large spot is not only efficient, but also fast, and it can eliminate the overlapping dead zone formed by traditional laser dots.

5. Safe and reliable treatment

100% US imported hydropower integrated quick connector, stable energy transmission, and long service life. Automatic water flow, water level, water temperature alarm system can prevent any danger in the first time. User-friendly operating software, intuitive and easy to operate man-machine interface – touch screen, easy and fast operation, reducing human error. Internal independent module design for easy maintenance.


Hair removal effect:

hair removal effect 3 - The disappointment of this season is that there is no hair removal in summer!