What is the difference between normal hair removal?

There are many ways to eliminate unwanted hair. Let’s see how SHR hair removal is different from all previous laser hair removal styles.

(1) You don’t have to hold back for the hair cycle!

The laser treatment we all know to date is principally known as IPL laser hair removal. With IPL, you need to watch for hair to develop and keep an eye on the hair cycle, to make a scheduled appointment. The laser targets the hair’s melanin and damages it to prevent hair regrowth. However, using the SHR hair removal machine, you don’t have to hold back for the hair cycle! The SHR targets your hair follicle, the area that produces hair regrowth. Therefore, there is no need to wait for hair to develop to get your treatment!

Laser hair removal 2 1 - The Benefits of SHR Hair Removal

(2) It’s essentially painless!

You might have heard that laser light treatments are painful. It was since the irradiation was forwarded to the hairline. This will cause redness within the skin, and perhaps rashes. SHR, however, includes a lower temperature of irradiation. The IPL SHR hair removal involved 60-80 levels, as the SHR is all about 45-50 levels. The low the temperature, the less discomfort is felt, causing less damage and problems towards the skin.

(3) Removes greater hair capacity

IPL concentrates on hair melanin, ie it’s color. So, when the skin is dark or spotted, the laser can’t react. Additionally, the IPL is less efficient on thin hair, for example, baby hair. The SHR reacts towards the hair follicle, to ensure that parts which were formerly easily forgotten or miss now get the attention it requires. The SHR doesn’t have a problem treating tanned skin, blonde or white-colored hair!