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  • Breast Enhancement machine
  • breast enhancement 4 - Super Effective Breast Enhancement machine SK91
  • breast enhancement 5 - Super Effective Breast Enhancement machine SK91
  • breast enhancement 2 - Super Effective Breast Enhancement machine SK91
  • breast enhancement 3 - Super Effective Breast Enhancement machine SK91

Super Effective Breast Enhancement machine

  • Item NO.: SK91
  • Power: 450W
  • Out pressure: 0-100KPA
  • Out spectrum: 100-930nm
  • Working theory: light,vacuum ,BIO,infrared
  • Function: Breast enhancement
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Super Effective Breast Enhancement machine SK91

1.Working Theory

Breast Enhancement machine  is the perfect combination of modern science and Chinese traditional medicine. It not only shape ideal breast curve, but also can do massage according to human body’s points. Then regulate enginery of human body well and make women own both beauty and health. Electronic stimulation ,led photon modulation ,mask radio frequency. As one of the most greatest inventions it has benefits for millions of women whom pursuit for good in shape and harmonious life.

2. Main Functions of the breast enhancement machine

1) Breast enhancement

Super Effective Breast Enhancement machine SK91

3. The advantages of  breast enhancement machine

1) Newest design with good reputation
2) Easy to operation and maintain
3) Offer OEM ODM service
4) Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment.
5) Easy operation, easy study.
6) Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns

1.Main Data

Voltage AC 220v/110v 50-60HZ
Output power 450 W
Out pressure 0-100KPA
Out spectrum 100-930nm
Screen Big color Touch screen
safe instrument heart rate tester
Working theory light,vacuum ,BIO,infrared
7 polar rf handle Body treat
8 polar rf with vacuum handle break up fat cells
Accessory 1 infrared video breast detection system
Accessory 2 heart rate testing monitor system
Accessory 3 photon & BIO electric handle
Accessory 4 Led photo modulation mask
Accessory 5 COSCO IR nipple rejuvenation system
Accessory 6 Heat & vibration system
Accessory 7 vacuum move fat handle
Accessory 8 breast cup
Accessory 9 synchronous rhythm of heart rate
Accessory 10 Radio frequency thermal system
Accessory 11 multimedia system mp4

2. Details accessories

infrared video detection system breast

video detection system detect such as breast fullness

heart rate testing monitor system

Electro-stimulation system

LED photo modulation mask

COSCO IR nipple rejuvenation system

Infrared heart activation system

Vacuum suction fat removal system

Rhythmic aerobic vacuum system

Synchronous rhythm of heart rate

Radio frequency thermal system

Big color touch-screen with multimedia, control and display treatment procedures

USB multimedia data transmission

The design and the current is fully comply with European electrical safety standards, absolutely safe to human body, the built-in anti-electromagnetic interference devices, can effectively protect against electrical and magnetic interference, maintain the current stability, to ensure that procedures effective and stable.

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Warrany Policy:

1. All the equipment sk eily produced provides 12months warranty. (except consumable parts, need to confirm with the sales manager)
2. Any questions will be response in 24hours and reasonable solutions will be put forward in 72hours.
3. If there are some accessories need to change due to the problems of quality, we will make a delivery of the parts and teach you how to fix it.
4. For sole agent with certain quantity, we will arrange engineer to your company to teach you how to operate the machine and how to repair the machine with some easy problems. As a 11years manufacture focus on cosmetic device, do please feel free to cooperate with us.

Technical Service: 

1.If you have technical problem with the product you received from us, please contact us online or by email: Contact us

2.Remote help service:The sk-eily equipment can provide operation manuals or video teaching ( through social tools such as skype, wechat, whatsapp).