In a laser tattoo session, the doctor uses a laser that he applies to the tattoo. By using its photoacoustic effect, the laser will shatter and fragment the various particles of the mark or drawing. These particles are then excreted naturally via the lymphatic system.

The process depends on the development of a natural lactic acid solution that acts as a sponge and absorbs all pigments regardless of their color. These pigments are removed in the healing crust. The cost of certain aesthetic treatments depends at first glance on the treated materials (bottles, products, lasers …) as well as the treatment solution or the mixture of myriad methods and the time required to assemble them. The Laser tattoo removal machine method is definitely an advanced and much more effective option for traditional tattooing. This type of laser treatment is completely safe and is one of the most modern and fastest treatments in aesthetic medicine. You can request a free estimate of dinar prices for this type of aesthetic medicine.

2019.07.17 1 - Procedure For Laser tattoo removal

The removal of extrusion laser tattoos can be done without or under local anesthesia. The procedure is performed in small areas using the template method. After the healing process, your skin is clearer and especially healthy. 2 days after the procedure, much of it is expelled by evaporation through the skin. And then a crust is created around the treated area.

The removal of laser tattoos is not ineffective. On the contrary, it allows, just as the technique of pigment extraction, to remove on the skin traces that used to be indelible. With the exception that the fragmentation of inks produces small particles whose effects are still unknown. In addition, the removal of laser tattoos is less effective in white and yellow colors. For this reason, some people, if they do not know or know that this can be dangerous, prefer tattooing by injection and extrusion.

Continuing the removal of extrusion ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal is straightforward. It involves moisturizing your skin with cream with fat pads. Then, when the second crust appears, a silicone dressing can protect it until it is completely damaged. The second session to remove laser tattoos is currently taking place, ie about 30 days later.