You remember, that cute tattoo that you simply made yourself … Yes, yes, the main one you regret now, that bothers you and also that you’d like to determine to disappear. Don’t panic, there are answers for picosecond laser tattoo removal! You could hide your undesirable tattoo under another, bigger, darker, but it’s also easy to erase it through different ways: dermabrasion, salabrasion, surgery, injection or laser … But which to select? Clearly, you need to choose where you will get your treatment, to prevent uncomfortable surprises.

Each one of these techniques is costly (the expense require an exam having a specialist), painful and a few can leave scars as disturbing because the tattoo you attempt to get rid of. Clearly, the treatment depends on the skin as well as your capability to heal. Based on several sources, the laser continues to be the best and safest method to erase a lot of it you will no longer want. This method also removes only a part of a tattoo or fade before covering a brand new design, more for your taste. Before deciding to possess your tattoo removed, you need to know the removal requires several laser light treatments, usually between 5 and 10, spaced six to eight days with respect to the reaction of the epidermis treatment. Age your tattoo, the caliber of a lot of it used and also the depth will also be things to consider.

q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine al031d - Picosecond laser tattoo removal, is it effective?

In addition, some colors fade more easily than others. For example, the black eliminates without a problem while it is very difficult to make disappear completely the turquoise or the pale blue. Usually, the picosecond laser machine does not leave a scar, but you must respect the post-treatment advice of your specialist. Regarding pain, know that laser tattoo removal is less painful than the tattoo itself. The sensation is similar to that of the snapping of an elastic on the skin so nothing alarming, just a discomfort during the treatment. Of course, it is important that the technician who performs your tattoo removal knows the device with which she works, but also that she has the necessary knowledge in terms of pigmentation.

The most used laser is called Q Switch ND YAG laser and picosecond laser. It is a pigment laser recognized for tattoo removal. The process involves breaking up the pigment particles, the ink, which will then be phagocytized by the macrophages and removed by the body using the lymphatic system. It’s a bit technical, but it works! See the following photo that shows a tattoo after only two treatments. Thanks to Pure Tattoo removal and Amélie Racette for answering our questions. Pure Tattoo removal is a company composed of medico-aesthetic technician graduates, experienced and with good expertise in lasers.