Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is the safest and most effective treatment yet to clear a tattoo. Studies have shown that one in three tattooed people regretted their tattoo. The latest generation of lasers and the Q-Switched laser lasers make it possible to remove these tattoos regretted at the price, of course, but in complete safety.

The objective of the laser tattoo removal lasers would be to split the foreign physiques which are the tattoo pigments to become removed within the skin due to a photoacoustic effect: these molecules thus fractionated could be “digested” through the macrophage cells of your skin. The physical principle utilized by these lasers is known as selective photothermolysis: indeed the pigments from the tattoo will attract the laser light which will fragment on them the sessions, smaller sized particles destroyed through the body, preserving the nearby tissue.

Prior to the 2000s, surgical excision, CO2 lasers, and chemicals were broadly accustomed to remove a tattoo, departing unsightly scars more often than not. This is not the situation with current lasers.

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Laser tattoo removal with Q-switched

The very first detaching lasers to look were the famous “Q-switched” lasers, which use short pulses within the nanosecond range. It requires typically to get rid of the tattoo using these lasers between 10 and 15 sessions, spaced two several weeks to permit here we are at your skin to heal. The laser tattoo removal sessions using this type of laser make the formation of crusts.

The picosecond laser may be the new revolution in the area of laser tattoo removal. As the Q-switched laser machine suggested cure with pulses from the order of 1 nanosecond, the laser picosecond he offers pulses from the order of a thousandth of the billionth of the second, or “picosecond”. This very short pulse duration enables not just more effective treatment but additionally shorter “convalescence” compared to Q-switched lasers. Laser tattoo removal sessions using the picosecond laser can be carried out monthly, rather of each and every other month with previous lasers. There’s no crust formation, unlike Q-switched lasers.

Comparison between laser tattoo removal using the picosecond laser and also the Q-switched laser.

I personally use the pico-second laser since 2014, and my experience as these 3 years enables me to completely validate the potency of this laser. The advantages of the picosecond laser are great and real: it enables a laser tattoo removal treatment considerably faster, sometimes divided by two. We are able to aspire to erase a tattoo using the picosecond in 12 months if this required 2 yrs with Q Switched laser machine. This isn’t minimal when you wish to erase a tattoo “rapidly” for private reasons, or professional.

The results and the duration of a laser tattoo removal vary according to various factors: pigments used, professional or amateur tattoo, tattoo colors … These elements make it possible to determine an approximate number of sessions, which can vary according to the response of the tattoo to the tattoo. laser treatment. The patient who is considering laser tattoo removal must understand this random side of the treatment and beyond the control of the dermatologist who is treating it. Depending on the case, I sometimes use in synergy these two lasers. The consultation prior to my office allows determining the terms according to the tattoo to remove.