Hair removal on the face is one of the most common requirements of patients. It covers the entire area between earlobe and chin. This region carries the risk that the doctor can handle. Some patients may not need to be treated if the benefit-risk balance is not favorable. Some specific countries, some skin colors can complicate things. In contrast, in most cases, when the region has hair, the results are generally good.

It should be noted that unsightly hairs are often less responsive than other body hairs because they are often thin (almost fluffy), lighter, and prone to paradoxical stimulation. The laser doctor must make a name for himself and select the region to be treated with the diode laser hair removal device.

The hair on your face in the position of the jaw is extremely often thin and mostly lower. When it comes to hair that resembles a lower hair, there is a very high risk of stimulation and conversion to real human hair. This reaction is noticeably dangerous for both Mediterranean skin and people with hormonal imbalances.

808nm diode laser machine 0726 - Laser hair removal for the face

Her hair cycle is obviously fast. In addition, the hair should be close to each other during your facial removal sessions approximately every three or four days. People are asked not to shave to prevent stimulation of this region. It should be noted that the answers are faster in both the middle and favorite areas. Other parts of the elongated face are longer to respond. The efficiency of mental hair can generally also be better than that of submetals.

In the presence of white hair – gray hair and black hair – it is finally possible to develop a treatment strategy with different techniques: first, the laser hair removal machine treats what is receptive, and at the end of the race, we beat electric hair before hair removal finish that resisted. This chronology optimizes hair removal, reduces costs and reduces the painful treatment of electric hair removal.