It is well known that laser hair removal is uncomfortable or even a little painful, but the perception of pain is unique to everyone. However, it is clear that certain factors influence the sensitivity of the skin to laser contact: The Laser Hair Removal Machine: Certain areas of the body are more sensitive than others, e.g. Interlock, scrotum or upper lip for example. The fineness and pigmentation of the epidermis are the main reasons. The finer the skin, the more intense the sensation of pain and the darker the skin, the stronger the laser, which is influenced by melanin, transfers its energy to the skin.

Developed for dark skin, the Nd-Yag laser is proven to be more painful than alexandrite, as its wavelength is much deeper (to achieve deep hair) and the fluency with melanin is greater (intense energy due to low affinity). , The infrared used is more painful to the skin. The photo-type of your skin: The darker your skin is, the more painful it will likely be. The laser drains its energy to dark skin because it is naturally attracted to melanin. In addition, the ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine can be used on darker skin, which is considered painful.

The Size of the Stain: Increasing the size of the stain increases the penetration of the laser into the skin and senses the pain. The hair type: the bigger and blacker the hair is and the stronger the pain. Hairiness: The more hair there is, the stronger the pain.

808nm diode laser machine 0726 - Laser hair removal and pain

Solutions for pain relief:

The anesthetic cream: For the well-being of the patient, the doctor should apply an anesthetic cream (30% lidocaine) to the area to be treated at least 1 hour prior to the session.
Cold Air: A cold stream of air is automatically directed into the area whenever the laser collides. The cold acts like a natural anesthetic.
The soothing cream: To relieve the sensation of warmth after the session, it is advisable to apply a calming and moisturizing Cicalfate cream.

It is important to note that as the sessions progress, the finer, clearer and rarer the hair regrows and less pain.