As we all know, laser beauty treatment is very popular, but are you sure that you really understand laser beauty?

Question 1: Can we achieve good results with only one treatment?

Most need more treatment, it all depends on what kind of treatment you want and the patient’s condition. Such as removal of pigmented spots, removal of blood vessels, hair removal and skin rejuvenation, the general treatment requires 3-4 treatments, and some patients may need 2 or 3 treatments. It all depends on it.

Recovery is a slow process, and treatment is also a slow process. On the other hand, we also need to consider adverse reactions such as scarring or pigmentation.

Question 2: Will the skin become thinner and redder than before?

In fact, the skin will become thicker than before. Under normal circumstances, the laser does not thin the skin, because the laser directly acts on the dermis layer, stimulates collagen proliferation in the dermis and improves skin structure. If the skin is really thinner than before, it must be because the wrong laser or the treatment of the treating doctor is wrong.

For some patients, there may be redness after treatment, which is normal and will disappear after a few hours or days.

nd yag laser machine 1 - Laser cosmetic treatment problem

Question 3: Is the laser the same as other IPLs?

Laser beauty is different from other IPL skin rejuvenation machine treatments. The laser can produce high energy and can be precisely focused. It is a kind of light with a certain penetrating power. The heat of the laser will destroy the target tissue and finally get a beautiful effect. IPL belongs to a series of lights, unlike laser lamps with only one wavelength.

Lasers are mainly used for pigmented skin diseases such as Ota, coffee spots, tattoo removal or scar removal. IPL treatment is more widely used for skin defects or aging.

Not only is choosing the right laser cosmetic equipment but choosing a reliable beauty spa or clinic to make treatment is also important, so be careful before making a decision. Please feel free to contact SK-EILY if you have any questions.