For many SPA owners, there is a problem that makes them feel helpless about beauty machines. And that is the water flow problems for their beauty machines. SK EILY as a 12 years manufacture we will teach you some easy way to solve the problem for your beauty machine.

1. Check whether your beauty machine has enough water
To make the water pressure enough for the Fractional CO2 Laser beauty machine, most manufacturers will use a 5.5L big water tank in the machine, it generally needs about 6L waters to make the water tank full. So the first step is to check whether the water is enough for the machine as below–%20Add%20Enough%20Water.MOV?dl=0

2.Check whether any handles folded
After you make sure that the beauty machine has enough water, then check whether there are any handles folded.

lift the handles one by one and shake them to make sure the water tube within the handles are unfolded.

After that check the water situation of the beauty machine.

Operation Video:—Shaking%20Handles.MOV?dl=0


3. Check the water pump working situation
Open the machine at first, then get off one handle from the machine. Then use a hard matter to check whether there is water shooting out from it. If yes, that means water pump work well, if no water shoots out, that means the water pump may be broken and we need to change a new water pump.

beauty machine water problem

Operation Video:—Water%20Tank%20Checking.MOV?dl=0

4. Check the Water Flow Switch Connect situation of the laser beauty machine
There are two lines connect the water flow switch with the control board, please check with the two lines connect well with the control board. If not connect well, connect them well.
beauty machine water problem

Operation Video:—Water%20Flow%20Switch%20Connection.MOV?dl=0

5. If you have already done all above 4 steps and now the machine also has the water problem, that may because water flow switch is broken, if you can find any suitable water flow switch, change a new one, if you can’t find one water flow switch at this time, cut the two lines between the water flow switch and control board and then connect them with each other as follows.

beauty machine water problem

Generally speaking, the water flow problems would be fully solved for your laser beauty machine after check one step by step as above.