Q switch laser machine is safe and easy to use for most individuals. Still, it is important to review a few basic instructions prior to operating one.

1. Install the machine according to the manual.
2. Keep the machine full of pure water, about 10L, pls note the water need to change every 2 months.

Q switch laser machine

1. Open the Q Switched ND YAG Laser Machine, choose the wavelength you need. 1064nm, 755nm or 532nm. ( If treatment dark color, you should choose 1064.if treatment colorful color, you need to choose 532, 755 is used for carbon skin rejuvenation)
2. Adjust the Energy, Frequency and Spot size, Energy according to the customer’s feeling, Frequency according to your proficiency in operating, spot size according to the treatment area. (adjust the energy and frequency on the interface and adjust the spot size on the arm joint )
3. After adjustment is complete, Click “ Precombustion ” Button, click “Ready” button, if you need, click the “Guide” light. Press the foot switch for treatment, pls take care of the arm joint, don’t shoot to the machine or people’s other parts.
4. Before treatment, we need clean the treatment area with Iodine volts and physiological saline, it is use for disinfect. After the area dry, we can begin to treat.
5. During the treatment, it may blood, in order to see whether you Smash all of the pigment or not, we need to wipe the blood and dirt. Until all of the pigment smashed.
6. After treatment, clean up the treatment area with cotton swab with physiological saline.
7. After finish the treatment, click the “Guide” light. click “Ready” button, Click “ Precombustion ” Button, and turn off the key.
8.Can’t touch water before scabby, about 24 hours, and pay attention sunscreen. suggest your client to use some Healing balm to help skin repair (when customer use Healing balm, must clean it every time ).
9. Each treatment time interval is 30-45 days. according to the client’s Metabolism ability, usually, need 3-6 times.