The Q Switch ND YAG laser used to remove pigmentation is based on a technologically advanced laser platform. It uses the famous laser medium Nd: YAG to handle various brown and red skin discoloration.

Laser energy is highly selective for target melanin, a pigment located in the skin. The laser energy is transferred very quickly in a thousandth of a second to comminute the pigment.

The wavelength of the laser can be adjusted to address freckles, sun spots, chloasma, tattoos, pores, skin tone, acne, redness of the skin and rosacea.

What are freckles?

What do Hollywood celebrities like Lucy Liu, Julianne Moore, and Lindsay Lohan have in common? Freckles, a lot! If you live in a sunny climate, such as Singapore, California or Maldives, if you don’t sunscreen your skin, especially if freckles have a lot of freckles.

Freckles are a variety of small brown pigments commonly found on the face, back and forearms. They are due to an increase in melanin in skin cells and an increase in color and quantity as the sun shines. Although considered a benign disease, many people try to remove freckles. The first step is to use a regular sunscreen to prevent the formation of more freckles. Laser pigment removal is effective and can lead to an improvement of 1-2 courses, but if the skin is exposed to UV radiation again, the freckles will recur.

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What is sunspot?

Sunspots (solar spots) are sometimes referred to as liver or age spots, but it is a misnomer because it has nothing to do with any liver disease, but it becomes more common as it ages. This is a completely benign condition, but it can be unpleasant in beauty.

Sun lice are common in individuals with fair skin and occur in areas exposed to sunlight, such as the face, back, and forearms. They are larger in size than freckles and look like the oval to flat pigmented areas, and an increase in size, quantity, and color with age and sunlight.

Like freckles, sun protection is important. Whitening cream can improve the appearance of sun spots to some extent. Laser pigmentation removal is effective and safe in all skin types.

What is chloasma?

Chloasma is a common skin pigmentation disease affecting many Asians. The appearance of chloasma can be small pigment spots on the cheeks, or the forehead, nose, upper lip and jawline. Many factors contribute to chloasma. If there is a family history of chloasma, there may be genetic susceptibility. Chloasma is common in pregnant women and has been created as a “pregnancy mask.”

The effects of hormones have an effect on melasma, and women who receive hormone therapy are at greater risk for melasma. Sun exposure is another factor because UV rays can stimulate more melanin production.

Treatment of chloasma remains challenging and associated with high recurrence rates. Treatment options include topical whitening agents, chemical peels, and laser treatment for intractable cases.

Our laser pigment removal program can help close that do not respond to product mitigation.

What is Hori’s embarrassment?

Hori’s cockroach, also known as Ota-Like Macules’ acquired bilateral Naevus (ABNOM), is almost exclusively seen in Asian Chinese skin types. It usually manifests as a blue-gray flat pigmentation on the cheeks, but may also involve the eyelids, forehead, and nose.

Since the pigmentation in ABNOM is deeper into the skin, it is difficult to effectively remove the pigmentation by the localized defrosting cream. The laser pigment removal procedure effectively penetrates the skin to control this condition. Multiple laser sessions will provide better results.

What is hyperpigmentation after inflammation?

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a considerable condition seen after infection or inflammation of the skin (eg, burns) (eg, acne, eczema). It can occur even when the skin responds strongly after laser treatment. It can last for a few months and then disappear, or it may become a permanent feature on the skin.

All of these shadings can be processed by a Q-switched ND YAG laser or a picosure ND YAG laser. The company is a company specializing in the production of laser beauty equipment. If you have any questions about laser treatment or laser beauty machine, please feel free to contact us.