Laser hair removal/de-discovery has become more and more common. However, its limitations, it is correct to say that this procedure does not permanently prevent hair regeneration, and its effect lasts for about 2 years. Laser technology is used to reduce hair for a long time. Because the hair grows in different cycles, more than one course of treatment is required to see some good results. Even so, some women are happy that their hair has decreased.

So how do you choose a reliable diode laser device for treatment as a clinic or spa or salon operator?

As you know, there are a variety of diode lasers available on the market today. Especially from China. Using the wrong laser type or incorrect settings can cause skin discoloration, pain, burns, acne, redness and even scarring.

Here are some tips to help you choose a reliable diode laser hair removal machine.

1. Check if the supplier is a manufacturer or a trading company.

Maybe you are not sure what the difference is, but in the Chinese market, there are many suppliers, some of them have their own factories and production teams, they can provide you with service and technical support! Trading companies don’t have their own factories. They order machines from different factories and sell them to you. Their service and quality cannot be promised compared to manufacturers.

2. Check if the supplier is qualified for production.

After you confirm that the supplier is a genuine manufacturer, make sure that they are approved by the government to produce medical and cosmetic equipment. 80% of factories do not receive government subsidies, so you can imagine the quality of their products. Once they are checked, they will close immediately. If you have any problems with your machine, do you find them?

3. Diode laser.

You can find hundreds of diode lasers with different looks and prices. We can say that the diode laser is the most important part of the machine because its quality directly determines the energy output and working stability. Here, for example, our diode laser machine has 10 real palladium bars imported from Germany.

To ensure safety, comfort and efficient handling are also important to the operator. For this model, the sapphire touch cooling system is used to maintain cooling.

diode laser hair removal machine

4. Energy output.

The average energy output is 300-400w, and our handle output energy is 600w, which is very high in the market. High energy fastening for hair removal and improved work efficiency. Save you time.

5. Cooling system.

In one approach, the cooling system ensures that the process is safer and more comfortable, in other words, better cooling can extend the life of the machine.

For our laser hair removal machine, we spend a lot of time, effort and money on research, design, and testing because, for all beauty centers, the machine needs to work long hours, based on the results of the treatment. Therefore, the larger size of the water tank, the high-quality diaphragm pump, the copper radiator system, the imported fan, and the spare cooling system at the bottom of the machine ensure that the machine’s continuous working time is up to 8 hours. Last but not least, unlike other diode lasers, in order to make the machine last longer, and to ensure that the machine is safe, effective and long-term, use a special filtered water system, ie inside the machine before water, The impurities are first filtered by the system.

Now, you know all these factors. If you think you are a good effective laser program, you should do some research before making a decision. If you would like more detailed information about our diode lasers, please feel free to contact us at