How Laser Hair Removal Works

Step 1

Unwanted hair can look embarrassing and unsightly, especially on women. The hassle of constantly shaving or waxing unwanted body hair is a frustration that many people face every day. Not only is it tedious and tiring, but it can also be expensive, especially in the long run. Our laser hair removal treatment is one of the most effective and fastest procedure in the market, when it comes to removing unwanted hair.

laser hair removal works 1 - How Laser Hair Removal Works


Step 2

We utilise the latest laser hair removal technology, which works by emitting beam of energy onto the surface of your skin. The technology that we use here is clinically proven and can remove unwanted hair at a very fast rate. As our hair is typically darker than our skin, the emitted beam of energy is rapidly absorbed by the hair and turned into heat. It works in the same way as how black clothing absorbs heat on a hot day, while white clothing reflects it.

laser hair removal works 2 - How Laser Hair Removal Works


Step 3

This generated heat completely destroys the hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding skin. With nothing to hold the unwanted hair in place, it falls off your body within a few days. Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal treatment completely stops the growth of your hair by destroying the cells in your hair follicle that produce it in the first place.

laser hair removal works 3 - How Laser Hair Removal Works


Step 4

The results are highly effective and long-lasting as there will no longer be hair follicles to grow and regenerate any new hair. You will now enjoy a hair-free and silky smooth skin complexion, without having to go through the troubles of shaving or waxing. After the laser hair removal treatment, you will definitely be able to feel more confident and positive of your body in every angle you want.

laser hair removal works 4 - How Laser Hair Removal Works

*These illustrations solely represent the laser hair removal treatment provided at SK-EILY.