I believe this is definitely the best way to permanently eliminate hair. Personally, I am tired of using a razor to damage your skin. Hair removal creams don’t always work, and waxes are expensive and sticky. Therefore, I discovered a laser treatment technique that eliminates hair by the heat generated by the laser. Hair removal laser treatment is usually used by qualified personnel at the Institute, but it is clear that the cost of the meeting is extremely high (this is a good example of a fee schedule).

Today, there are a large number of laser treatment equipment available to women and men at home, which provide professional results on the market. We found that the laser treatment machine changed from 2500usd to 6000usd online because it knew it was a device that could be used in all areas of the body (not entry level) and could also be used for long-lasting laser hair removal, so we saved money. Beautician or research institute.

They do not appear to be as powerful as the research, especially because they are used domestically and are therefore potentially dangerous. The number of sessions will be higher, but the end result is the same.

808nm diode laser 0719 - How do you think about laser hair removal?

laser hair removal Very happy to know:

– Separate sessions every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the hair.
– People with dark hair and fair skin will see the results faster.
– The duration of these cycles varies according to the body part, age, and gender (female hairiness decreases after 25 years of age, while male hairiness increases to 40-50 years or back in the body part such as the trunk).