For Hair Removal, Many people wanna know which is better: Diode Laser or IPL?

Without being too technical, lasers are a concentrated beam of light at a specific wavelength. The diode laser, for instance, is set to a wavelength of between 800 and 810nm, usually, use 808nm. The other types of laser, alexandrite, ruby, and Nd: YAG, each have their own set wavelengths.
IPL, on the other hand, doesn’t have a specific wavelength and instead emits noncoherent light in the range of 550nm and 1200nm. You can consider this the “shotgun” approach to hair removal – the IPL device will emit a broad spectrum of light over a large variety of wavelengths in a pulse-like fashion.
There is no doubt that both technologies have been proven effective for hair removal.
How to Choose? I think according to your requirements, IPL as it’s broad spectrum, also can do facial treatment.
Skin Rejuvenation
Pigment Removal
Vascular Removal
Acne Removal
While Diode Laser is professional for hair removal, and its light is soft, no flashing eyes when operate.

808 diode laser hair removal machine:

808 diode laser hair removal machine

ipl laser hair removal machine:

ipl laser hair removal machine