Here! After long hesitations, I finally got into the big bath of the final laser hair removal last April! Five sessions later, my legs are as soft as peach skin. So I can make an objective return on my experience, in order to motivate those who still have doubts on the subject.I took the step of definitive laser hair removal on the advice of a friend who recommended the Lyon Laser Center as a very good center of aesthetic treatments. That’s why I made a first appointment, free of charge, with Dr. Vivier, in order to have a complete diagnosis in my case. My scourge? Leg hair, which was a real headache, especially in the summer.

Nevertheless, patiently waiting for the regrowth of hair to go to the beautician was a real punishment, for me who loves to wear dresses in the summer. So I decided to eliminate what made me wonder! But the question was whether, with leg hair not really very black, it would be possible. My first appointment at the Laser Center Lyon with Dr. Vivier was reassuring and decisive. What did I enjoy the most? The objectivity and sincerity of the doctor on the feasibility of care or not. If he considers that hair removal will not work on your hair type, be sure he will tell you.
Permanent laser hair removal machine does not work on white and red hairs.

laser hair removal 1 - Definitive Laser Hair Removal for Legs

But only on dark and black hairs. However, this treatment is practicable on all types of skin, from the lightest to the darkest. A specific laser is dedicated to white skin, and another laser, for matte or black skin. Contraindications: definitive laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who take photosensitizing medicines and people who are tanned by the sun or the U.V.For my part, Dr. Vivier first oscillated my hair type on my legs. Diagnosis: dark enough, but too thin! As a result, he advised me to shave them a maximum of time before my first session, in order to thicken them and obtain a better result. After that, he explained to me in detail the system of hair growth, and how they would be neutralized thanks to the laser, thanks to the laser.

It takes between 6 to 8 sessions spaced approximately two months each, for an optimal and definitive result. These are based on the duration of a hair cycle (depending on the area of the body, about 12 to 16 months). Count for about a year to get a final result. Say like that, it may seem long. In fact, after each session, your hair intensity will be halved and push back much more slowly.
The reduction of hairiness is thus marked from the first sessions. After my three sessions, I had almost no regrowth (just a thin, sparse down). Today, after 5 sessions, I have no hair left. Nevertheless, I will go to my sixth session to definitely stabilize the non-regrowth and close the treatment.

Regarding the rates, I invite you to consult them on this page. There are also flat rates that are available here if you want to combine several areas to be depilated. After each session, you make the settlement, which expires and facilitates payments. Being depilated permanently represents a significant cost. But by making a quick calculation, we understand that this aesthetic act rids us for life monthly sessions at the beautician or the many pots of wax that we buy each year.

So how does a definitive laser hair removal session take place? Allow about 15/20 minutes for a session. Prior to each, you must shave the area that will be shaved. Once in consultation, Dr. Vivier invites you to lie down and discover the part to be depilated. Then, it delineates, with a white pencil, the areas that will be the laser. This allows him to proceed methodically and not to forget any part. Once this step is over, it gives you safety glasses, essential to protect your eyes from light during the entire procedure.