1. You need to shave

That’s right. This seems strange to people who are used to waxing, but if you want laser hair removal, you need to shave this area first. Obviously, the best time to shave is 8 hours before treatment, but the day before should be no problem. Basically, you need to be as close as possible to your appointment to shave, but also give your skin some time to recover from shaving, so it’s not too sensitive.

2. Stop other treatments before and during laser hair removal

Ideally, you should not wax, pluck, use a hair removal cream or bleach your hair for 3 to 6 weeks before the first treatment, and for the rest of the treatment period. If there are no hairs (because they have been waxed) or the hair is very light (because they have been bleached), the laser will not work for them.

3. Stay away from the sun

You don’t want to laser hair removal on sunburned skin! In fact, it is best not to tanning (including using a self-tanning cream to darken the skin). Try to keep the area in the sun for at least 4 weeks before treatment and apply sunscreen to the exposed area (you should do this anyway…). After laser treatment, you also need to be cautious about sun exposure.

4. This may not be painless

Although many systems are promoted as painless, different people experience laser hair removal in different ways. You may experience mild discomfort (usually described as an elastic band on your skin) and very intense pain. In general, people with darker skin and people with rougher hair experience more pain.

5. Appoint appointments during your period

Laser hair removal can be even more painful if you are treated during menstruation. Do your best to schedule your appointment, but if you can’t avoid going there at the time of the month, seriously consider your pain management plan.

6. You must stick to your schedule

Depending on the treatment area, you must repeat the treatment every 4-8 weeks. Since the timeline is based on the hair growth cycle, it is important not to postpone the appointment. If you missed an appointment, call your therapist to check when you should reschedule, but what you can do can’t mess up the timeline.

7. You need multiple sessions

Placecol tells us that most people need 6 to 8 treatments to achieve the desired results, but some lucky people may only need 4. The good news is that you will see reduced hair at the beginning of the first time.

8. This is really very fast

The time required for treatment depends on the size of the area and the type of skin you have, but the session is usually super fast. For example, if your skin is very fair, your armpit will complete laser hair removal, the laser only needs to be activated for 40 seconds, and you can go back to work directly.

9. You will see the results soon, but your hair won’t ‘disappear’

How does laser hair removal work? The laser works by destroying the hair follicle; it actually has no effect on the hair in the hair follicle. After your first appointment, you will leave exactly the same amount of hair. But after a few days, the target hair in an active growth cycle will stop growing and fall off. Therefore, you will experience hair loss during the first training session.

10. It will be like this, it is worth it.

A quick internet search will show you how many people like the result of laser hair removal. Most people experience 95% hair loss and the hair left is usually very fine.

Is laser hair removal permanent? Usually, but not always. Your body can produce more hair follicles that are not stimulated by lasers, so you may see some new hair growth in a few years. Maintenance treatment is performed every few years. If this happens, it should be ruled out, so waxing, shaving, and picking are good things!

808nm diode laser hair removal before and after

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