You will understand that my first laser hair removal and laser on my scar yesterday, I am completely panicked. I will not lie to you and beautify the situation. I just want to tell you what it is all about. You are expecting a lot of this first return, I will try my best, but if you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to give me some comments under this article.

Ready to work, this is the most problem I have received… Don’t shave? With wax? How do you use an anaesthetic cream? It’s full of my own problems and the questions I will try to answer now. Nothing is more complicated than this. Knowing that in the first interview with a doctor (rereading the full article on this now), you will have a short recommendation and rules to follow. First of all, the first point is very important, there is no need to expose the treatment area to the sun… So if you choose to perform the final laser hair removal in June… you can’t consume the nutritional supplements to tan. Goodbye special time capsules (or other.), and finally have to avoid the centre in the case of health problems and new treatments. This “general” preparation is a lot of work.

laser hair removal 1 - Comfortable laser hair removal treatment

Nothing is more complicated than the local preparations. The previous day or morning meeting (the same morning for me), we have to shave. I insist on shaving, no wax or even the word electric razor. Because of these methods, the hair is torn by the bulb… In addition to the diode laser hair removal machine, it requires a light bulb. You can also use a depilatory cream. Dr Levasseur’s tip: Taking Emla cream instead of general cream, some of his patients think the cream is effective.

For the app, depending on the jersey’s hair removal (for me), you have to put it all on your lips, it doesn’t have to worry about anything at all. On the other hand, in order to be effective, it must be strictly covered. So there is no magic solution, we take his cellophane and we do our best. It is very good to comfort you, just put it on your skin, leave all the bubbles and seal well. Finished in the last 10 minutes, you can wear your clothes normally. I put the jeans on top. I can drive for 30 minutes without any worries and take the subway for 25 minutes. You must do this 1 hour and 30 minutes before the appointment time.