Clear laser tattoo

Q Switch laser tattoo removal is definitely a cosmetic treatment that breaks down the pigment introduced under the skin during the tattoo process because it has a very precise positioning. Since surgical resection and skin grinding are some of the most cumbersome techniques in terms of therapeutic effects, the laser now seems to be what you want to tear. In fact, the laser will pass through your skin without burning it and breaking down a lot of pigment from the tattoo. Removing the second one is so neat and clean.

There are various lasers based on tattoo technology and the colors used. The cost of a Q Switch laser tattoo remover depends, among other things, on the top of the tattoo and the number of sessions the individual needs. The quotation will indicate the cost of aesthetic treatment, Euro or Dinar. The laser tattoo removal session takes place approximately every 8 days. The number of laser tattoo removal sessions varies depending on the nature of the tattoo. The second is based on several parameters, including:

q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine al031d - Clear laser tattoo

The session lasts from 20 minutes to at least 1 hour relative to the surface to be processed. It is necessary to wear glasses for this patient and specialist. The initial step is to clean the area for treatment. Then the doctor performs perennial and fast laser shooting. These pulses are released by the laser and the tattoo pigment becomes fine particles. The pigment fragments will then be expelled through the body. Your skin is finally disinfected with fat bandages and replenished with water.

This therapy may cause bleaching in the area. This color lasts 1 to 6 hours. The burning sensation lasts for a few days. A thin shell seems to give a clear skin after this. We must avoid tearing the outer casing. They completed the fall alone in about 6 days. Darkening of the skin is very common. It ended up disappearing. You must avoid taking a bath within 24 hours of the end of the course.

In the first month, the use of sunscreen is necessary. Different Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal Machine procedures should be spaced about 8 days apart to allow your skin to relax and heal. At the end of the meeting, the tattoo disappeared completely without leaving any scars. It is important to stick to the doctor’s advice and use the recommended creams to get the perfect results. Most tattoos can be taken off.