How many treatments does tattoo removal take?

1. How many treatments does it take to remove a tattoo? Everyone is as unique as their tattoos, but most professional tattoos require 5-10 treatments. Homemade tattoos usually require less. Laser Tattoo Removal Machine treatment is 4-6 weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on many factors, such as: 1. The amount of ink used [...]

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The disappointment of this season is that there is no hair removal in summer!

Slings, skirts, and bikinis in this season, In addition to weight loss fitness show in vitro, Exquisite girls must remember this summer's hair removal compulsory course! Are you still using these about hair removal? 1. Use your boyfriend's razor to remove hair! Leg hair becomes more and more difficult, scratching the skin is easy to [...]

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10 things you need to know before laser hair removal

1. You need to shave That's right. This seems strange to people who are used to waxing, but if you want laser hair removal, you need to shave this area first. Obviously, the best time to shave is 8 hours before treatment, but the day before should be no problem. Basically, you need to be [...]

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What Problems Does IPL Treat?

Intense Pulsed Light (abbreviated IPL) is a type of light treatment that is non-ablative. This means that the light does NOT remove the superficial layers of skin. Some lasers, on the other hand, are ablative (remove the outer layers of skin, which is known as resurfacing). IPL light works by channeling heat at color targets [...]

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What is the difference between Laser and IPL with regards to their use in hair reduction treatments?

We are aware that there is some confusion for patients in understanding the difference between Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments for hair reduction. Both treatments have been available commercially since the mid 90’s. They involve producing light energy which is then absorbed into the dark pigment of the hair to ultimately cause damage [...]

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Laser Hair Removal: The Painless Technique

The laser has become an effective surgical instrument commonly used for a number of procedures. One of the most popular is the usage of laser for the quick, gentle removal of unwanted hair. The laser works by emitting a pulsating beam of light, of a certain wavelength to particular areas on the skin. The light [...]

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What Are IPL and Laser And How Are They Different?

IPL and laser are Class 3 or 4 medical devices found in medical offices and medical spas. The class is an FDA classification that refers to how aggressive the device is and whether it requires a physician or nurse under the supervision of a doctor to operate it. Because IPL and lasers are medical devices, [...]

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What is the difference between Laser and IPL?

IPL stands for ‘intense pulsed light’ and has some branded variations such as SIPL, VPL, SPL which are all essentially the same technology. IPL machines are not lasers. IPL devices are generally cheaper than laser devices, which is why many clinics choose to use them. These machines produce a wide bandwidth of traditional light that [...]

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Difference between OPT and SHR

Some customers asked me what is the difference between SHR and OPT? Here I conclude some more detailed information about OPT SHR. Hope it's useful for yours. OPT is a very advanced technology pulse light, compared with the old generation IPL, OPT can get a more effective result, Especially for skin tightening, wrinkle removal, it's [...]

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Something you must know about diode laser hair removal

Fortunately, advances in laser hair removal now allow us to put aside the tweezers - for good. Since the early lasers of the 1990s, the technology has been refined so that there is a range of options, suitable for all skin tones and hair types - and with increasing power to permanently reduce hair from [...]

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