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The solution to remove your tattoo with the laser

Laser tattooing is described by the trivialization of the inking action. We remove tattoos for professional reasons, tattoo mistakes, unsightly developments of some tattoos. We do not miss any anecdotes justifying the Laser Tattoo Removal Machine. A tattoo is a design on the skin, a consequence of injecting inks or pigments that the body can [...]

The revolution in permanent hair removal

Conventional laser hair removal machine are extremely sophisticated, usually carefully calibrated and use individual pulses and are therefore relatively effective. They are aimed exclusively at melanin, your hair pigment that absorbs the human heartbeat and destroys the disc by briefly heating to 70 ° C. However, these treatments can have undesirable negative effects. As the [...]

Easy to remove the tattoo by ND Yag laser

Permanent tattoos have become increasingly popular over the last 20 years, especially among teens seeking group membership. The example of top athletes and show business stars contributes to this enthusiasm for body-aesthetic ornamentation. It is estimated that 24% of the US population is tattooed. Unstained tattoos made in black ink by the subject or his [...]

Most Effective Tattoo Removal Treatment

Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is the safest and most effective treatment yet to clear a tattoo. Studies have shown that one in three tattooed people regretted their tattoo. The latest generation of lasers and the Q-Switched laser lasers make it possible to remove these tattoos regretted at the price, of course, but in [...]

Facial IPL skin regeneration

What is IPL skin rejuvenation? This type of treatment has existed since 1998 when the first dermatological lasers appeared in California. Laser technology is used in a gentle way to improve skin tone and make it smoother. How does it work? In practice, the light transformed into energy or heat slightly heats, but sufficiently the [...]

The Benefits of SHR Hair Removal

What is the difference between normal hair removal? There are many ways to eliminate unwanted hair. Let's see how SHR hair removal is different from all previous laser hair removal styles. (1) You don't have to hold back for the hair cycle! The laser treatment we all know to date is principally known as IPL [...]

Q Switched laser tattoo removal Clear Laser Tattoos

Q Switched laser tattoo removal is definitely an aesthetic medicine treatment that destroys the pigments introduced underneath the skin during tattooing because of really precise targeting. Since surgical excision and dermabrasion are a couple of techniques that are extremely cumbersome with regards to the effects for healing, lasers now seem to be what you want [...]

Laser Tattoo Removal Session

Tattooing refers to the inclusion of external pigments in the deep layers of the skin ie the dermis and even the hypodermis. The latter can be voluntary or accidental. It then leaves a trace or a visible drawing, permanent and indelible. There are different types of tattoos: amateur tattoos are usually easier to remove and [...]

6 Tips to Choose Your Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

You still strongly hold your resolve to do a picosecond laser tattoo removal treatment. But where to start? The first step is to choose the right laser tattooing clinic. You can not put your skin in anyone's hands when it comes to picosecond laser treatment. Do not forget: you will be in a real partnership [...]

Definitive Laser Hair Removal for Legs

Here! After long hesitations, I finally got into the big bath of the final laser hair removal last April! Five sessions later, my legs are as soft as peach skin. So I can make an objective return on my experience, in order to motivate those who still have doubts on the subject.I took the step [...]